“Youth musicians need greater exposure, and to be seen and heard loud and clear. These hard working young performers deserve much more support and attention than they are getting.”-Founding partners of All You Got Tour

We are empowering teens and young adults about the value of giving back to society. Being able to inspire and entertain thousands of young adults, benefits all who participate. Music education and participation is known to have positive effect on academic performance, sense of community, confidence and self-esteem. Frequent collaboration with other artists and audiences, inspires creativity and emotional commitment.

The 2017, 2018 and 2019 All You Got Tour seasons were a big success with over 100 tour stops completed and 100+ artists participating. Artists performed at top festivals, venues, clubs and camps throughout the North East, and all obtained great experience performing in front of all types of crowds.

Patty Duffey, President of the Young Performers Club, and Jackie DeModena, President of Next Generations Concerts, created the tour based on their dedication to showcase talented and hard-working 22 and under youth musicians to provide them unique opportunities to demonstrate their love of music and perform to engaging audiences. The tour shows will be a powerful mix of the arts with all types of music represented.

“Youth musicians need greater exposure, and be seen and heard loud and clear. These hard working young performers deserve much more support and attention than they are getting.”-Founding partners of All You Got Tour

After 19 combined years in developing opportunities for the young performers market, we recognized the “power of the arts” and the ongoing need to keep that power ignited by providing motivational and inspirational experiences for young artists. 

Next Generation Concerts, founding partner

Next Generation Concerts is comprised of professional, gigging musicians, experienced in performing covers but also writing, recording and marketing original music. They are dedicated to creating opportunities for musicians of all ages including, shows, media events and offering introductions to industry professionals. Experienced in booking their own tour, working closely with the House of Blues, local venues and the Hard Rock Cafe (in Boston, Pittsburgh and Foxwoods Resort Casino), founders Jacqueline and Jeff Demodena know first hand about the struggles and triumphs musicians face. They run weekly open mics and are passionate about building the local scene. After a successful fundraiser they organized for Zumix, a Boston non-profit music program, they began booking youth shows. Understanding that live performance experience is equally important as practice, they worked hard to convince venue owners to take a chance on non-alcoholic events. They have found great success and continue to create unique events for all ages musicians, bands and soloists.

Young Performers Club, founding partner

Many young musicians rarely get the opportunity to perform live to new audiences, and it is the best way for them to grow as artists. YPC recognized their struggle and in 2008, started a showcase series at the Hard Rock Café. Since then over 1000 artists from twelve different states, have competed in the showcase series, with many, including Megan Trainor and Sasha Sloan, going on to achieve great success in their music careers. We have seen successful collaborations, new friendships and most importantly have seen artists get more comfortable on stage from these showcase experiences. Our showcases consistently have a large audience, which is exciting for the young performers. This is a great start, but we need more opportunities in different environments so they can develop impressive resumes and get great exposure to new fans and new markets.

Patty and Jackie recognize the ongoing struggle to locate quality performance opportunities for young musicians ages 21 and under. There are few all ages’ venues and most large festival stages are filled by older well-known artists. For almost ten years we have been calling venues, clubs and event managers to find performance spots for talented young performers, only to not be taken seriously or be told definitively “no, we don’t do all ages shows”. With our mission to keep the performers motivated and happy, we have been fortunate to locate a few venues, that have welcomed our performers and provided them unique opportunities. Our universal love for music, passion for seeing young performers advance their careers, and commitment to showcase outstanding talent to our communities and give back to society, has gotten us excited to build the tour into a well sought after entertainment experience.

Social Platform

The tour will be dedicated to raising awareness to bullying prevention for the 2020 tour season with plans to dedicate shows to raising funds for anti-bullying organizations. 

The Tour’s Mission

  • Offer a successful youth music tour for 22 and under artists and bands that offers quality performance opportunities, career enhancement, artist development and growth and exposure

  • Inspire, motivate and educate young artists and tour audiences by combining music and positive messages and valuable networking

  • Offer a unique career changing experience for young performers, and inspire them to make healthy decisions by embracing the art of imagination and creativity.

  • Encourage artists to connect with their audience and fellow participants in a fun, positive way.



Our Accomplishments:

•Successful 22 and under showcase series at the Hard Rock Cafe for 8 years and annual showcases for 16 and under and 13 and under performers
•19 years combined experience in the young performer market

•Created a successful tour with over 100 tour stops and over 100 artists for the first three years

•Co-partners of Artists on the Move, a full service artist consulting practice
•Established a performance program for the 18+ market
•Successful youth showcases at Hampton Beach Sea Shell Stage for eight years
•Producer of Little Big Shots of New England Showcase and tour
•Manager/band developer of the youth bands, All You Got Tour Band, Coda Sky and Catching Arrows; one published a full album and has a new song being recorded now and the younger band just started recording.
•Consultant for band relations, career progression and performance evaluations
•Marketing manager for a music duo for 7 years, securing 450 gigs across the country
•Founder of the Real Deal educational music clinic series
•Created events which benefited many charities (Make a Wish, MGH, Pavoh, Lucy’s Love Bus, Boston Bombing fundraisers, Boston Children's Hospital and private events for cancer patients)
•Have had over 1500 young performers participate in showcase events
•Hosted successful open mics for over 10 years, and have been host of  Loretta's Last Call for the last twelve months

•Guest presenter and board member at New England Music Awards

•Partnered with Red 13 Studios on the 2017 Battle of the Bands

•ArtWeek Boston participant
•Active performing musician in bands and husband and wife duo
•Created "Stage Live" a media event for bands and performs of all ages at the Hard Rock Cafe and  the House of Blues
•Development of an influential and powerful network of musicians, producers, corporations and educators who support our mission and share the same core values

•Members of the New England Music Awards Nominating Committees


Parent's reactions


"As a parent of a musician and supporter of youth in the arts in general. I can't thank you enough for the opportunities you have provided for so many talented kids. It is an uphill battle to get venues to allow youth to perform and you made a herculean effort to get these kids the chance they need to get out there and perform. Definitely a game changer for so many kids, thanks for all you do!"-Kelli Twiss

"Patricia Collins Duffey and Jacqueline Gabriela DeModena, your hard work, energy and passion have helped shape the success of this program. My girls can’t wait to continue their musical journey with the tour! 2020 sounds so exciting!! Thank you for all you do for young artists!"-Sheela Srikanth

"Cameron had an amazing experience on his first tour. He grew professionally as well as personally. Being with such talented performers and with great coaching, it has forced him to up his game."-Doug Fox


The All You Got Tour's 2020 season will focus on securing five anchor relationships which will have 3-5 tour stops at each one. 


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