AYGT Supports Chucky's Fight- Prevention Education of Drug Abuse

Chucky Rosa is a non-profit public speaker in the presentation of Drug and Alcohol Abuse. He spoke at All You Got Tour's Kick Off Event back in March of 2017. He is an inspiration to the community. Here is an excerpt from his website...

"I am very passionate about the cause and I dedicate a significant amount of time teaching to youth about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.My family and I have been momentously affected by the tragedies of addiction. I have lost two sons to addiction (Vincent and Domenic) and I have vowed to make a difference through awareness and education. I believe if I can save at least one child, through hearing my story and sharing my experience of loss, strength and hope, it is all worth it.In effort to get my message across to those who are suffering from addiction and to realize they are not alone, I have created a website called “chuckysfight.com”. When my sons passed away, they were cremated and their ashes were spread into the ocean. I wake up each morning, take a dip into the ocean every single day (regardless of the weather) and start my day with both of them. My wife and I record the daily ritual and offer a positive message to viewers on the “chuckysfight.com” website to start each morning. We encourage others to join us in the celebration of life, clean and sober."

Here is a video from the Seabrook Middle School joining Chucky in his daily "celebration of life" ocean dip.


We will be working with Chucky in the upcoming months.

To support Chucky and his cause go to http://www.chuckysfight.com/

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