InTune Custom Guitar Picks Sponsored AYG.

InTune® Guitar Picks, Inc. has been specializing in personalized guitar picks since 2000. We contacted them to sponsor AYG and they were excited to be involved with our young musicians. They finally came in today!

Here is some info from their website

"With a lot of hard work, the InTune® brand of guitar picks have become the choice for many of today’s top artists. In the beginning production was just a few hundred guitar picks a month in a garage. Now InTuneGP is a fully staffed facility printing tens of thousands of guitar picks per day. Even with the growth, we dedicate the amount of time needed to each and every customer to ensure that every customer comes away shocked at the quality and service that we provided. We work with everyone from the beginners rocking out in their garage, to the legends rocking out in the arenas. Our growth has been phenomenal and it is all thanks to our clients, big and small."

Go to the website and order your own! They have many options for guitarists and bands!

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