AYG Tour in NEED! (trailer, equipment and drum set)

All You Got Tour has accomplished a lot in the first year. We've booked over 40 tour stops in festivals, schools, summer camps and events all over New England! We had over 60 participants, under the age of 24, audition and sign up!

We are now working directly with American Idol to help with casting for the new season! Lots of exciting things ahead, but we need help!

We are looking to raise $10,000 to fund new equipment, a trailer, drum set and more services like photography, recording and coaching for All You Got Tour Participants.

If you own a house or rent an apartment and have an account with National Grid, Eversource or Columbia Gas, you can help us get funding!!

One of the All You Got Tour Sponsor's Homeworks Energy is offering us an opportunity to make it happen, at NO COST to YOU.

Who is Homeworks Energy?

HWE Energy is leading the way in reducing the amount of energy being used in Massachusetts. Funded by the Mass Save Program, Homeworks Energy offers a No Cost Home Energy Audit to every qualified, utility paying customer in Massachusetts.

What happens during an Energy Audit?

A Home Energy Specialist comes into your home and...

Conducts Combustions Safety Tests:

-Carbon monoxide levels

-Draft atmospheric systems

-Firing temperature

Check your basement:

Inspecting insulation, air quality- looking for signs of moisture, mold and mildew

(fun fact: 40% of the air we breathe comes from the basement)

Checking windows and doors:

Air sealing, attic access, insulation levels, framing and proper ventilation

Visual inspection of electrical wiring

What they give you: (at no cost)

LED Lightbulbs: (Change all incandescent light bulbs to LED's)

Energy efficient Power Strips

Digital Programmable Thermostat: (Install if you do not already have a digital or programmable thermostat)

Water Saving Devices- low flo showerheads and aerators

****Note: It takes about 2 weeks to get your audit booked. It will take a minimum of 3 hours.

All you have to do is fill in your information on the webpage below to begin the process!


The team at the All You Got Tour is very excited for whats to come. We would not be able to accomplish all we have with out you. We sincerely thank you for the support!

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