Why we do what we do

People ask us every day why we do what we do and run a tour with 65 artists, 130 parents and 40+ tour stops. The tour has been a blast for us, and seeing all the performers growth over the last five months has been impressive. The truth is this isn’t work for us since we are passionate about our mission and see immediate results from our efforts. Here is our response.

  • We want to change the local climate for young performer opportunities, and open up new venues and performance spots that have once been a closed door to them.

  • We want to motivate young artists to work hard on their music, and recognize the impact they can have on their own lives and others

  • We want to make the tour a career changing opportunity for skill development and resume enhancement

  • We see that the more performers are active the more confidence they get, and the more their careers advance to new heights

  • We see how music saves, cures and heals, and want young artists original music to be seen and heard

  • We are passionate about developing young talent and seeing performers excel and achieve their goals

  • We are having fun every minute of every day making a difference in each performer’s lives and careers

  • We want to educate the community on youth drug prevention and education and support other important youth initiatives including anti-bullying events and supportive organizations

  • We want to show everyone the power of the arts and the impact music has on brightening everyone’s lives

Jackie and I are in full alignment on our future focus for the All You Got Tour, and are excited to begin the planning process for the 2018 tour and our Artist Development Program. No two days are the same as we juggle up to 4 tour stops in some weeks, and celebrate in all the excitement that comes with working with young talent. We simply can’t wait to participate in everyone’s success, and see the young performer market thriving.

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